I wanted to share 3 reasons why the future for fintech lenders such as MarketFinance is bright, especially here in the UK.

While we’ve been focused on navigating through the Covid-crisis and marking great progress, there are larger strategic trends in the market that I’m confident will accelerate the adoption…

Like many of the businesses we support, MarketFinance has spent the last 10 months coping with big changes and tough challenges, finding ways forward against all the odds. Now we’re closing the year stronger, bigger and more ambitious than ever before.

I’m extremely proud of the tenacity and resilience every…

We’ve been building MarketInvoice since 2011. It’s been a great journey so far, made possible by the thousands of thriving UK businesses we’ve met along the way. Now, we’re thrilled to be announcing an exciting next step in our evolution.

As of Tuesday 12 November 2019, MarketInvoice will become MarketFinance.

Anil Stocker

CEO & Co-founder @MarketFinance, interested in all things fintech related

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